Mini Pocket Projector [FREE SHIPPING]

Mini Pocket Projector [FREE SHIPPING]

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    Our Pocket Projector is the world's smallest, legitimate, full power projector.

    This innovative projector is ultra light, weighing in at a minuscule 2.9 ounces and is the size of a 1.8" cube!  It's TINY!  Six projectors can fit on the screen of your iPhone 7+! Remember those HUGE projectors back in kindergarten that were about as big as a filing cabinet?  And their picture wasn't even that clear?  Well, technology has advanced so much that now this 1.8" cube has an output ratio that will stun-- you won't believe such a large and clear picture is coming out of such a tiny little box.  Our tiny Pocket Projector boasts a contrast ratio of 800:1 and a projected dimension of 10"-90" (nerd talk, we know... but we geek out on this!).

    You can project on the side of your tent, a rock wall, the ground, a building, a truck, your room, a boulder, a cliff, or hang up a tarp and have an instant outdoor movie screening no matter where you are!   Our Pocket Projector is not only limited to outdoor use-- you can use it ANYWHERE!  The classroom, office, living room, backyard-- the possibilities are endless.  Since it fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, glove box, or pack, you always have a big screen at your fingertips.

    With built in USB and microSD ports, the Pocket Projector is compatible with any laptop, smartphone, or camera with a USB output (so pretty much all of them).  With the microSD port, you can literally take videos in the middle of nowhere, all day long, then pop the microSD card into your Pocket Projector and watch the action unfold -- all in the middle of the beautiful wilderness.  Hey, you can even copy over actual video files and watch motion pictures on the summits of mountains, or while river rafting on the canyon walls. Built with advanced internal cooling technology, the projector is self cooling with low fan noise so your audio will not be disturbed.  

    Speaking of audio, it has built in 3.5mm speakers, but out in the wilderness sound gets easily muffled.  So it also comes with a headphone or AV output port so you can connect your own speakers for the full experience.

    The 3.7 volt built in battery supplies up to 40 minutes of continues run time before it needs to be recharged, or simply power the projector off of any USB device like a battery pack, laptop, or phone for continuous runtime.

    Last (and maybe our favorite feature), the LED bulbs are developed for over 20,000 hours of runtime!  That's right-- you can turn on a movie and watch it-- without sleeping-- for the next 2 years before the bulbs lose their spark.  It's revolutionary!


    Light Source: 20,000 Hour LED Bulbs
    Type: Digital Projector
    Lens: Glass
    Keystone Correction: None
    Zoom: x 2.4
    Projection Technology: DLP
    Portable: Yes
    Projection Distance: 16-236 inches
    Screen Scale: 4:3/16:9
    Home Theater Projector: Yes
    Style: DLP
    Resolution: WXGA 854*480, supports 1080P
    Lamp: LED
    Projected Dimension: 10-90 inches
    Weight: 85g
    Contrast Ratio: 800:1
    Brightness: 15ANSI Lumens
    Bulb Power: 10W
    Projector Size: 1.8*1.8*1.8 inches

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